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Welcome to the Commercial Air Conditioning Sandton information and services page. Does your air conditioning system need a little TLC? If the answer is yes, Air Conditioning Sandton offers reliable and professional commercial air conditioning in Sandton. Call 835-859-9580 now.


When installed correctly, Sandton commercial air conditioning can be very cost-effective. Office air conditioners serve two purposes: they cool and heat the air. for the best commercial air conditioner solutions in Sandton. Speak to the experts at Sandton Office Air Conditioning and MacAir Air Conditioning. We understand that each business environment is unique. As a result, there are many factors to consider to find the best air conditioning solution for your business. Commercial AC Sandton will create a customized air conditioning solution to suit your budget and requirements. Allow Commercial Air Conditioning Sandton to take the hassle out of dealing with your air conditioning system.

Sandton Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Provided below are our three main air conditioning services in Sandton that we offer, namely: Commercial Aircon Installations Sandton, Commercial Aircon Repairs Sandton, and Commercial Aircon Maintenance Sandton. Whether you own an office, office building, shop, or shopping mall You can get assistance from Server Room or Restaurant Air Conditioning Sandton.

AC Installation

Commercial Aircon Installations Sandton

Improve Your Employees’ Quality of Life With Quality Aircons from Aircons Sandton!

when it comes to commercial air conditioning installations in Sandton. We provide a wide range of air conditioning solutions that will suit any budget and any business. There are many models available and many brands to choose from. Choosing the right air conditioner for your office can be tricky, and it most often won’t do what it’s meant to do.

AC Repairs

Commercial Aircon Repairs Sandton

We service any brand and model of air conditioner! Get Low-Cost Office Air Conditioning!

Sandton Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs We provide the most cost-effective and affordable air conditioning repairs in Sandton. For business air conditioners, we provide reliable and professional repairs. Our Sandton commercial air conditioning repair technicians are all certified and qualified. Book a technician to repair your office air conditioning today.

Cassette AC

Cassette Aircons

The ceiling-mounted cassette Air conditioning in Sandton is a powerful system. that provides clean, heated or cooled air to any home, office, retail center, or building. This type of air conditioner is commonly found in open-plan offices with suspended ceilings.

Ducted AC

Ducted Aircons

Ducted air conditioning Sandton consists of a heat exchanger located outside. with ducts constructed from flexible cylindrical tubes hidden from plain sight. Located in ceiling voids delivering clean air and comfort to many rooms or open spaces throughout a building.

Evaporative AC

Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooling system uses evaporation to efficiently reduce the temperature of your inside air. It includes a water reservoir, a fan, and a thick pad with some extras. Warm air enters and circulates through the pads. This causes the air temperature inside the system to drop.

Split AC

Split Aircons

Split Air Conditioning San Diego Is Available Without Ductwork For Your Home Or Office. Because of their heating and cooling capabilities, they are an excellent choice. They are available in 9000, 12000, 18000, and 24000 BTU with inverter or non-inverter units.


VRF Aircons

The VRF air conditioning system automatically adjusts the temperature. Depending on the number of people in the available space. Typically found in multi-story buildings, hotels, and hospitals. It consists of one or more indoor units.

Window AC

Window Aircons

Sandton window air conditioning operates quietly and delivers clean air to any reasonably sized room in your home or office. requires a window opening or wall cavity on the outside wall to ensure the condenser gets rid of the heated air.

How often should commercial air conditioning units be serviced?

It is recommended to have commercial air conditioning units serviced at least twice a year, once before the start of the cooling season and once before the start of the heating season.

What are common causes of commercial air conditioning breakdowns?

Common causes of commercial air conditioning breakdowns include lack of maintenance, dirty filters, and low refrigerant levels.

How can I increase the energy efficiency of my commercial air conditioning system?

To increase the energy efficiency of a commercial air conditioning system, you can have regular maintenance performed, replace dirty filters, and make sure the system is properly sized for the space it is cooling. Additionally, you can use a programmable thermostat to control the temperature when the building is not occupied, and use shading devices to reduce solar gain in the space.

What type of commercial air conditioning system is best for my building?

The type of commercial air conditioning system that is best for a building depends on the size of the space, the number of people that will be occupying it, and the specific cooling needs of the space. A professional HVAC contractor will be able to assess your building’s needs and recommend the best system for your specific situation.

How much does it cost to install a commercial air conditioning system?

The cost to install a commercial air conditioning system will vary depending on the size and type of system, as well as the specific needs of the building. A professional HVAC contractor will be able to provide a detailed estimate for the installation of a system in your building.

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