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Welcome to Air Conditioning Repairs Sandton. The place where all your air conditioning needs are, met. Have you seen puddles of water near your house? Is it hard for your air conditioner to turn on? Is it not cooling as well as it used to? These problems are ones that our skilled techs deal with every day. Air conditioners not being ,repaired is a major cause of many of these issues.

Maintaining your air conditioning system on a regular basis is important. To make sure it works as well as the day it was, bought. Even though your air conditioner makes your home more comfortable,. It’s easy to forget about it and not do any upkeep. By doing regular checks, you can find problems or drops in performance. Before they get too bad and cost a lot to fix or fail. Know what I mean? A very important part of your air conditioner is its filter system. When it’s clogged, it stops airflow and lets airborne pollution in. Which makes the system work too hard. Want to know when to get a repair done? Signs include low cooling ability or weak airflow. Other signs include